• Ironing easy and effective
  • Quick Clothing Care
  • Adjustable Power to Suit Fabric Type
  • Self Cleaning: No
  • Soleplate: No
  • Auto Shut-off: No
  • Made in: China
  • Comp Agreement: No

Model No: GC026/30  

SKU: 00184340

Fabric Shaver

The Philips fabric fabric shaver allows you to easily and quickly remove fabric pills from all types of garments. All your garments, whether it is your sweater or your blanket, will look like new again!


Large blade surface for covering a large area at once

Large blade surface ensures that larger area of the garment is covered at the same time; hence less strokes are needed to make your garment look new again.





Up to 8800 rounds/min blade rotation for effective removal

Blades rotate up to 8800 rounds/min for effective and quick removal of the fabric pills from your garments.








The cleaning brush helps to clean your appliance after use

The cleaning brush helps to easily clean your appliance after use. Please follow the quick start guide included in the packaging to clean the appliance.




Source: www.philips.com




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Philips Fabric Shaver


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